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Petals of Nothing Cover page by ChazzVC

I see what you did and what you were going for, so I think your Vision is A-ok!

This type of cover isn't seen much (if at all) so I also think it's fairly Original, although I do question why this particular design came to mind for a cover. Generally speaking, I was under the assumption that covers should at least showcase a character; but here we have an arm. And we don't really know if it's the arm of an important character or not. Otherwise, I think its good.

The Technique needs work, definitely. I'm sure you know this, but the fingers are far too cartoony and pudgey for a cover; especially since if you are doing a hand, it should be detailed and artistic enough to draw people in to your story. Unless your style is in actuality like this, I think both the hand and flower could be more dynamic and accurate in depiction. (anatomy, anatomy). I also think your logo font needs a bit more work. But that goes into Impact.

For Impact, the logo doesn't do much, which it should. An appealing logo is great for drawing in an audience and will make you look more professional, even if your art is still developing. Consider this as well when it comes to how the feathers and background were created. Give some more texture to the feathers(or petals, I may be not seeing what they actually are) and really make them pop. For the background, some gradients and other effects will keep it from getting boring, which is another reason why the Impact isn't all that high. Most importantly, however, is making sure it's all balanced. If the feathers are popping, the hand and flower should not. Similarly, the Logo should not be swallowed by the flower; there should be variation and distinction between the foreground and background, and what is in front of what.

With all that I've mentioned above, I still believe this is a valiant effort, but it does need tweaking. But that's my 2 cents; you're free to think whatever!

Hope this helps!
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